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Alte Donau

On the Alte Donau in Vienna, a stagnant body of water to the left of the main river, an apartment is being transformed into a place of homecoming, with notions of riverbanks and horizons, harbours and beaches serving as points of reference. The living room and kitchen face south, thus offering a wide panoramic view of the water and the sky, while the bedroom and guestroom/library face north. A centrally located functional strip – equipped with a new terrazzo floor – comprises the bathroom facilities, kitchen and wardrobe.

Furniture units along the walls connect the different functional areas and elucidate the geometry of the rooms. These fixtures combine light steel sheet elements with textured wood, natural stone and curtain fabric. The colourfulness of the different elements takes on the appearance of riverbank gravel and sets delicate pink next to pearl grey and anthracite. In the evening, structural glass bodies turn into lanterns thanks to integrated lighting.

Client: Privat
Design: Milan Mijalkovic + Katharina Urbanek
Net floor area: 117m²
Project location: Vienna, Austria
Photo credits: David Schreyer

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020