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Weltmuseum Wien on the go!

At the invitation of Weltmuseum Wien, the architect and social critic Milan Mijalkovic (in cooperation with im Kollektiv für Kommunikation und Gestaltung) designed several spectacular yet temporary pavilions. These pavilions were placed at four different locations in Vienna for the period of four months. The temporary installations create points of presence in the urban area and serve the purpose of rendering the Weltmuseum Wien visible until its reopening in autumn 2017. Each installation’s five steep yet accessible pyramids offer intimate encounters with selected objects from the collections of the museum, such as the Benin Court Dwarfs from the fifteenth century, the Feather temple from Polynesia, or the Kettle Drum from North Vietnam. 

The wooden façade of the pavilions incorporates its immediate urban surroundings and imitates transparency – from a certain perspective. This effect is achieved by means of various methods, such as milling and perforating the wood where needed. The suggested quasi-transparency serves as an intentional disruption of the accustomed Viennese perspective and creates tension between the local and the global: “Transparency on the outside, the world on the inside.”

Client: Weltmuseum Wien
Project partner: Im Kollektiv für Kommunikation und Gestaltung

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020