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The Democratization of Nature

Mijalkovic takes side with democracy while appearing as knight of totaldemocratization. To what end, or against what foes the knight is fighting - is self-evident. In its very premise of equality, democracy stands in opposition to nature spreading power to the fittest or to the well-born. Democracy leaves power to co-incidence, which Jacques Rancière stated as its striking strength. Nature, in contrast, is seen as enemy, acting against the hate of democracy, against the hate of everything powerful and ruling. The driving force to settle compromises inherent within democracy is often seen as constructive - yet stands in opposition to the concept of nature being ignorant of compromises. 

To fight this foe, to overcome nature - is only possible by total democratization. Democracy’s claim to spread all over the world does not stop in front of nature. Within this process of equalising and leveling, ideals of varying quality are transformed into clearable interests, which can be weighed against each other. The strongest of these interests is the one we all have in common, the force to survive. In the focus of democratising nature, the overcoming of itself, stands its own most natural good, the struggle for survival.

"The Democratization of Nature", Photography, 270 x 180 cm
English translation: Carsten Schmidt
Thanks to: Julian Mullan, Heidulf Gerngross 

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020