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Terrorism Gallery

The terrorism gallery is an organism, a decentralized transnational room without control, not to be pitied, defended, nor disturbed. The terrorism gallery is space, temporarily and deliberately provided to individuals, groups, peoples or nations. Flats, single rooms, gardens, farms, forests, islands, walls, cupboards, cars, parking lots, streets, airplanes, airports, train stations, cages, settlements, cities, Facebook-profiles, pockets of trousers, websites, media broadcasting space, advertising space, artworks, banknotes, offices, frequencies, words, sentences, letters, sayings, bodies, time, and life are provided to the ones seeking or creating new ways while questioning the future offered by powerful people.

People lacking space are given opportunities to choose out of a spectrum of rooms, to select and to feel free to articulate their aims and universal ideas to a public. The room is listening to us! The terrorism gallery is free of aim and responsibility. The non-existing aim is the surprise.

I, Milan Mijalkovic from Macedonia, take responsibility for all natural disasters of the last 2,000 years.

English translation: Carsten Schmidt
Thanks to: Heidulf Gerngross, Adam Wiener, Lisa Silbermayr, Kristina Foggensteiner, Wladimir Tolstoj 

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020