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Sodom and Gomorrah

The tent: A symbolic construction object in context of a specific surrounding. Erected in a free natural environment, the tent symbolizes freedom and protection to nomads at the same time. In recent times, however, the functional temporary structure became a metaphor on captivity. The tents of the Occupy Movement are places of protest against a power structure, mirroring the lack of power. In a third aspect, the tent stands for an architectural symbol of hope and solidarity. After the big catastrophes, such as the devastating earthquake, destroying the Macedonian capital Skopje in 1963, external aid arrived via emergency shelters. Solidarity was also the ideological slogan to re-construct Skopje as a new open town between East and West. 

The socio-utopian model and its corresponding urban masterplan remained uncompleted. At the moment, as part of a new administration project, monumental memorials and huge neo-classic structures are erected in western style. During the events of the 50thanniversary of the Skopje earthquake, the architects Sergej Nikoljski and Milan Mijalkovic try to re-label the symbol of the tent as an archetypical structure. Sodom and Gomorrah is a lithic surreal prototype of a tent. Traditional projections are drifting, as the formerly ephemeral architecture loses its function.

In cooperation with: Sergej Nikoljski
Position: City park Skopje, opposite of the city hall
Text: Judith E. Innerhofer
English translation: Carsten Schmidt
Formwork: Pero Kovancaliev
Supported by: ALL RIGHT, ADING; Association of Architects of Macedonia, City of Skopje
Thanks to: Zoran Petrovski and his family, Angel Miov, Danica Pavlovska, Zoran Icevski, Nikola Uzunov, Aleksandar Badev, Ruse, Ljubica I Jovica, Ljubisha Davidovic, Antoni Maznevski, Cafe Damar

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020