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We are, on the one hand, more mobile, and, on the other hand, less political than ever. Less dignified, as Elon Musk put it when he said “electric scooters lack dignity!” Hence, these are neither political signals nor symbols of change and renewal. With “Skateflag”, the startup Hurra Hurra (Milan Mijalkovic and team) presents the prototypes and the first series of a new urban medium.

The objective of “Skateflag” is to exploit the untouched potential of micro-mobility: communication and interaction. “Ride your speech, your sign, your opinion!” Two talks shed light on the theoretical potential of offline communication and on the development process from the idea to the series.

Presentation at

  • 24.9. - 03.10.2021, 12pm–8pm
  • Talk „Driving a flag?“: 28.9.2021, 7pm
  • Talk „Making of a Prototype“: 1.10.2021, 7pm
  • Cocktail: 24.9.2021, 7pm

Galerie – Kunsthandel Macura
Stubenring 20, 1010 Vienna

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020