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Slav No Matter, 2022, Limited edition, Print on 270g/m², 50% Baumwolle 50% Polyester Sweater, Different sizes and colors, Signed, ©Milan Mijalkovic, Wien.

All proceeds will be donated to the promotion of the free art. Art Action Private Sale. Therefore no warranty and no return.
Important notice: Because of new legislation, the sale is made under exclusion of any warranty, guarantee and return.
Since it is a private sale I can not assume any warranty under new laws and legislation which I don't know or which I don't understand. The buyer agrees and recognizes this with his purchase.  Contract is not concluded. Bill could be send it as a pdf file per email. As a unique peace of art it will be taxed with  5% MwSt (VAT). Orders will be approved and released.

> Worldwide delivery

> No Budget / do-it-yourself

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020