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Poly Plot

The Club Hybrid is moving. It can be dismantled into its individual parts in just a few days and will be on its way at the end of the season. 46 wooden panels, 44 steel supports, 375 lm steel beams, 36 m² of grating, 3 staircases, 8 windows, 10 doors, etc. are at disposal. As a prefabricated building, the Club Hybrid operates at the cutting edge of time: the question of resources, constant change and recurring crises demand construction that can be implemented quickly and can accommodate future changes. The material remains – any context is in flux.

Poly Plot sets out in search of this afterlife: of possible users and places, fragmentation and reassembly, individual desire and public mandate. The architectural intervention applies 85 so-called nose signs, known as advertising media of real estate agents in the street space, to the west façade of the Club Hybrid. The automatically produced finished product is combined in two standard sizes. Instead of being printed with advertising messages in white, the signs form a vertical landscape that opens up to the wishes and projections of the viewers.

Design: Milan Mijalkovic + Katharina Urbanek
Project location: Graz, Austria
Foto credits: Milan Mijalkovic, Wolfgang Thaler

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020