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The exhibition PRE/FABRIC. The Growing Houses of Skopje is conceived as travelling exhibition, whose first stop was the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje. Gathering content in different media and of varying grades of abstraction, the show provides a reflective encounter with the everyday architecture of post-earthquake Skopje: Informative texts, archive material and plans of the portrayed houses are shown on working tables. Photographs that are mounted on the tables give a straight insight into the domestic spaces, its atmospheres, textures and traces of use. The clear space defined by the working tables is complemented by a landscape of piles which is made up of the prefabricated elements of one whole house ordered by type.

Six screens in a row show video interviews with inhabitants and give a sense of both the individual and the universal dimension of living in a prefabricted house. A subtle soundscape emanating from original film footage from 1963/64 informs the entire museum space. After their journey the prefabricated elements - which are also used as table boards – are given to the local artists collective SEE to be re-assambled to a workshop and exhibition space.

13.03. – 03.04.2018
Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje
Authors: Milan Mijalkovic, Katharina Urbanek
Photos: Goran Dimov

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020