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Educational Center - Chamber of Labour

In the training centre of the chamber of labour, which has been based in Vienna’s 4th municipal district since 1962 and was extended in 1984, schluder architektur completely rebuilt and renovated two storeys in order to meet the requirements of two training facilities. On the 3rd storey the floor space is distributed among seven training rooms that can be adapted and varied in size by means of sliding walls and sliding elements as well as by the use of curtains. These spaces are complementedby a generous room that can be used during breaks, which creates a clear separation between the existing building and the conversion. 

This separation is clearly reflected by the colours and materials used. Metal, wood and double wall panels are intended to suggest an industrial atmosphere. On the fourth floor an auditorium for lectures, conferences and further education courses has been established that can accommodate 116 persons. In contrast to the clearly defined 3rd floor the storey above makes references to the building’s own specific flair.


Location: Vienna, Austria
Area: 1000 m²
Project with: Architekturbüro DI Michael Schluder

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020