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Die Verwertung. Für den richtungslosen Fortschritt

In February 2014, the reutilisation of natural disasters has been completed in a transparent and public way. In the showroom at the underground station Karlsplatz in Vienna, each day the responsibility for one of 14 selected natural disasters has been auctioned. All day long, visitors were able to participate in the auction via text messages.

Preliminary and final results were visible on a display on site, as well as on The auctioned certificates were handed over in the showroom. The artist and a witness signed the certificate to the highest bidder. All money was raised to the benefit of the unoriented progress, the sponsorship of art. 

Curated by: Manuel Gras
Supported by: RED Carpet Showrooms & The House Gras
Auctioneer: Heidulf Gerngross
Technical realisation:
Design: Markus Riedler

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020