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Die Botschaft/Die Verwaltung

Milan Mijalkovic takes full responsibility for all natural disasters of the last 2,000 years. He furthermore agrees to share the responsibility.
To take full responsibility of 2,000 years of natural disasters is not an easy choice, yet to Milan Mijalkovic it was a „very natural happening - just as drizzling rain, or the Arab Spring“.

A natural happening, however, with a somewhat difficult and passionate process of painstaking research beforehand. in the course of 13 years, Milan Mijalkovic collected details of winds, fires, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches, epidemics, heat- and cold-waves, and made them visible to the public. For the last two years, certificates have been auctioned and traded on the art market as part of the artist’s collection, approving the individual transfer of responsibility for selected natural disasters.
Dozens of archive volumes manage these movements of transfer. Due to this acts of collecting, organizing, administration and providing transparency, mother nature becomes sheer art.

Politicians take responsibility for mishaps and face personal consequences. Terrorists, in contrast, see a demonstration of power in this act. To publicly take responsibility for an action, as a terrorist, has greater meaning than the happening itself. This leads to a point where several letters of confession appear, and hence responsibly is claimed illegally.

At first, the irresponsible message of taking responsibility for all natural disasters of the last 2,000 years functions as a figurative meaning, a statement. Thanks to the public sharing and consumption of it, the stated sphere of influence gains reality. The message is spread as an objective information on a fact, not as a claim of responsibility of a confessor in form of a note or a video. The display takes the message out of context from emotional consternation and hinders, on the surface, the self-evident questions to the relation of stated and real responsibility and irresponsibility of man and nature.

Curated by: AUSARTEN[ ]
Auctioneer: Heidulf Gerngross
Thanks to: Karin Sommer, Ismael Israel Ismet Basharan
Photo: Claudio Farkasch
Video: Nouria Behloul

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020