Демократска реч

„The Democratic Speech“ was performed at the Muzej Macura in Banovci, Serbia. The audience mostly consisted of Serbian politicians and government ministers, but also by representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In the middle of the speech, an uncontrolled coughing began in the audience and it seemed to be a discreet type of protest against „The Democratic Speech“.

But soon it turned out that most of the coughers were uncomfortable because of the advocated silence in the speech, so they needed to cough to break their own tension. At the end of the speech the audience was cheering and shouting: „DEMOKRATIA! DEMOKRATIA!“

Video: Stanko Prvanović ESC Production, Srbija
Makeup: Gara Stevanovic
Thanks to: Vladimir Macura, Eva Gantar, Noémi Kiss, Heidulf Gerngross, Sofia Cruz, Andreas Kattner, Günther Metzger, Kristina Mensch, Florian Schindler-Strauss, Mariko Hori, Otec Dionisij, Aleksej Germanovic, Pan Julius Arlati

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2018