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Akademie über Demokratie

To everyone predicting and propagandising the collapse of Europe: Democracy is no house of cards! Empathy and discourse are the basis for the stability of a just society. Yet, does justice also mean equality? The parliament has to be reconstructed. Democracy moves to Heldenplatz. 

Our sign: The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as superstructure for the parliament. Is art keeping its distance? Is art in the midst of it all? Whoever loves art, hates democracy? - A talk on democracy.

On the podium: Milan Mijalkovic, Amer Abbas, Heidulf Gerngross
Moderation: Rahel Saba Albrich
Project Presentation: Arminé Maksudyan
Video: Marlene Maier
Makeup: Meri Draganovska

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020