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15 Tage ohne Menschenrechte

The work evolves around opportunities to lose all human and citizen rights. Due to Mijalkovic´s research, he possesses the human right to have rights, but he is not sure whether he has the right to lose them. What possible approach, judicial aspects, or creative ways to think about the issue, could be used to realise the loss of this omnipresence, the loss of rights? Could it be local manipulations, temporary hideaways, or individual transformations? 

Can a judicial instrument, like a referendum or a lawsuit at the Supreme Court be the key? For 15 days, a gallery became a transit-zone – the inalienability of the human rights was at stake. In a region, where human rights are constantly praised, the protagonist, by renouncement of his rights, became guilty by himself while taking all responsibility.

SWDZ: 25. April – 10. Mai 2014
Curated by: Andreas Pohancenik / SWDZ
Video: Andreas Scheurer
Podium discussion: Doz. Dr. Bernhard Müller, Dr. Lothar Hofmann, Simon Sailer

Copyright: Milan Mijalkovic, 2020